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A single, show-all photo of the new supercar known to its engineers as the P14 and in the press as the McLaren 720S, has surfaced online today.

Although reports are describing the photo above as a leak, the presence of snap-happy guests in the background suggests McLaren isn’t too fussed about its new second-generation Super Series car appearing early.

Very early, in fact, with the new car’s official Geneva motor show debut still some six weeks away.

Details of the new model first came just days into the new year, with McLaren handing down a studio shot of the Monocage II bodyshell that will live inside the skin of its new Super Series models.

McLaren 650S - 2

Above: the 650S that this new ‘720S’ is expected to replace

Then, only a week ago, McLaren released a tightly cropped shot of a tail lamp, active wing and carbon-fibre-wrapped body elements, promising a notable improvement in aerodynamics and cooling efficiency.

Little else is known about the new model, although the rumoured 720S name, if true, would point to a power figure of 720hp – or about 536kW. That’s up from 478kW, coming courtesy of what’s expected to be a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, replacing the current 3.8-litre engine features across the McLaren range.

The so-called 720S will debut at the Geneva motor show in March. Watch for all the details to come then, and catch our earlier coverage at the links below.

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WOW!! Congratulations are in order!!!! This image has recently leaked of the upcoming McLaren 720S aka P14. This will be the all new successor to the McLaren 650S. I have heard for a while now that this car is going to be amazing but now I am even more excited for its official debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show!!! Just look at it! ? Hey @mclarenauto @frank_stephenson @robert_melville @jamesbanksesq – Well Done Gentlemen!! Take a bow. You have earned it. This is next level!! ???????? See you guys at Geneva! Photographer is unknown. The 2017 Geneva Motor Show is only 39 days away!!! I cannot wait to see this stunning masterpiece in person!! ??? ?? ______________________________________________________________ #McLaren #720S #McLaren720S #P14 #McLarenP14 #P1 #MSO #McLarenP1 #NoIAmNotPostingThisTryingToGetTheBP23 #AlreadyRejectedAndRightfullySo #675LT #688HS #P14 #570S #BP23 #F1 #BruceMcLaren #FrankStephenson #AstonMartin #Lamborghini #Ferrari #Porsche #GT2RS #Pagani #Koenigsegg #488 #Huracan #HuracanPerformante #England #WOW #BLESSED

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