It's a well known fact that batteries of any kind don't perform as well in cold conditions, a fact some Mini E drivers in the US are now experiencing first hand.
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In the cold north-west winter Mini E's claimed range of 160 kilometres has been reduced by between 20 and 50 per cent, with one driver reporting a return of just 88 kilometres - which included a two-hour top up charge between commutes.

Although a 50 per cent drop in battery performance is rather extreme, it's well recognised that overall EV range is easily effected by colder temperatures, an inherent flaw that does not bode well for the perceived limitations of all-electric driving.

The same kind of drawbacks have also been reported from hybrid vehicles with many failing to reach their claimed fuel economy averages when driven in colder climates.

While the issue may dissuade buyers in such environments for now, future battery technology will likely improve range fade meaning future models won't suffer the same fate.