If you ever thought your V8 or turbocharged four-cylinder Ford Mustang needed more power, you're in luck: Another tuner has joined the fray, this one with a very familiar name.
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Ford performance tuning outfit Tickford has unleashed two power upgrades that suit the current-generation Ford Mustang, matching the upgrades with a driveline warranty to ensure the buyer is covered if anything goes wrong.

The power upgrades come courtesy of a cold air intake, ECU changes and exhaust system enhancements. A handful of styling tweaks are also featured.

Suited to the naturally aspirated V8 Mustang GT, the '360 Power Pack' is priced from $6990 and includes an ECU calibration, quad cat-back exhaust system and a bespoke rear diffuser. The price includes fitment and a driveline warranty, along with individual build numbers and Tickford-enhanced badges.

Power is bumped up from 306kW to 360kW, while torque increases from 530Nm to an impressive 585Nm of torque. Tickford hasn't quoted 0-100km/h times, but we would expect it to have more hustle in the mid-range.

Owners of the turbocharged four-cylinder EcoBoost Mustang can also chase more power, courtesy of the '270 Power Pack', which is also priced from $6990. It too includes a cold air intake, quad cat-back exhaust system and bespoke rear diffuser. Likewise, a driveline warranty is included, along with individual build numbers and Tickford-enhanced badges.

The EcoBoost Mustang also gets a generous power and torque bump, increasing from 233kW of power to 270kW. Torque is the biggest benefactor, hiking from 432Nm of torque to a whopping 540Nm. Again, while acceleration figures aren't quoted, we'd expect this to get off the line cleaner with more punch at the top end.

Customers happy with the power output of their cars can purchase just the exhaust option, which comes with the rear diffuser. The exhaust and diffuser package is priced from $3990, which includes fitment and warranty.

The exhaust available for Mustang owners is a Tickford-developed stainless steel, mandrel-bent catback exhaust with carbon-wrapped quad tips that measure 3.0-inches for the V8 Mustang GT and 2.5-inches for the four-cylinder Mustang.

Tickford is currently working on ride and handling package options for Mustang owners and expects to have more word on these shortly. And, if all of that wasn't enough, Tickford is also an authorised Ford Performance Parts dealer, a perk that includes an ability to fit a Mustang supercharger kit to V8 Mustangs.

Tickford now also offers an exhaust-only option for Ranger buyers that don't need the extra punch of Tickford's further performance enhancements. It's priced from $2490, which includes firment and warranty.

Ford Mustang performance parts come after the announcement of modification parts available for the Ford Ranger through Tickford. Both Mustang and Ranger parts can be fitted to cars at the company's Melbourne and Sydney modification centres.


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