The facelifted 2018 Ford Mustang was revealed earlier this week, but the Blue Oval may have been hiding an extra member of the family in the new pony car's press shots.
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In an image of the Mustang's dash, another Mustang can be seen in the background, and it clearly has a 'Boss 302' decal on the front quarter panel, with the stripe extending across the lower section of the door.

While it is clear the photobomber is the previous-generation Mustang, which offered a Boss 302 variant, its sighting suggests this could be an 'easter egg' hinting at what's to come with the updated range.


Above: the previous-generation Ford Mustang Boss 302

If Ford does release a Boss 302 Mustang, however, it's unclear where the new variant would sit in the line-up - particularly in the US where the Shelby GT350 and GT350R are already the flagship track-oriented variants.

Though, in Australia, the Boss 302 would be a welcome addition to sit atop the line-up above the 'standard' V8-powered Mustang GT.

Do you think Ford will release a Mustang Boss 302? Would you like to see it head to Australia? Let us know in the comments below