Climax Sports Racer

With speed limits and speed cameras proliferating in almost every country outside that glorious Mecca of speed Germany, track day supercars are in global demand.
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Meet the British designed and built Climax Sports Racer, a serious track day weapon that is said to rival the A-list cars including the Ariel Atom V8 and the awesome Caparo TI.

image 2 Climax Sports Racer

Production of the rear-wheel drive Climax will be strictly limited to just 200 cars and will be built along side the Spyker Aileron at Coventry Prototype Panels.

It should be quick, with its mid-mounted Ford Racing-supplied 4.6-litre V8 developing up to 335 kW (450 bhp) and 413 Newton metres of torque in the supercharged S version.

image 3 Climax Sports Racer

In standard guise the no compromise Climax produces a solid 257 kW (345 bhp), which is a serious number when you consider the car weighs just 907 kilograms.

Climax Cars claims a 0-60 mph (97km/h) sprint time of 3.7 seconds for the Sports Racer and 3.2 seconds for the Sports Racer S.

Top Speed estimates are equally impressive at 281km/h and 305km/h respectively.

The use of aluminium in the chassis and bodywork means that the Climax has a power to weight ratio better than Ferrari’s 430 Scuderia, and that’s the naturally aspirated version.

Although options will include both sequential and semi-automatic gearboxes, standard kit will be a six-speed Graziano GT ME1 gearbox.

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The speedster-like styling appears to have taken a little from the Jaguar D-Type and McLaren-Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss, but either way, we think it’s a good-looking thing both on and off the track.


Suspension is fully adjustable double-wishbone all round, allowing for both road and track day set-ups. Ceramic brakes are also an option, but one might say that’s a bit of an overkill given the car’s lightweight construction.

“We wanted to produce a radically different kind of car that would be dramatically desirable as well as an out-and-out enthusiast’s car”, said Simon Long and Marcus Rayner who designed the Climax.
Ian Howe (Commercial Director): “We have moved the original concept forwards providing the car with an exceptionally stiff chassis and a significant increase in power. This is important because we believe that there is a growing market sector of enthusiasts who are not prepared to accept a compromise in terms of styling or performance but are looking for better value from a car that is not driven on an everyday basis. Our research shows that there is increasing demand for performance cars that have striking design and exemplary build quality coupled with a high power-to-weight ratio, that can compete dynamically and in terms of exclusivity with more established supercar marques but, crucially, undercut them in terms of affordability by a sizeable margin.”

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If you want one, Sports Racer prices will start at the equivalent of AUD$167,000