There will be 10 standalone Mercedes-AMG dealerships in Australia before the end of the year, it has been revealed, with Sydney set to be the first city to see an AMG Performance Centre open its doors.
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The new dealerships, called AMG Performance Centres, are a new concept for Mercedes-AMG, as the performance arm of Mercedes-Benz looks to expand its presence and establish itself as a player in the sports car space in its own right.

It makes perfect sense, considering Mercedes-AMG had a record year in 2016, with almost 100,000 vehicles sold worldwide and 5286 in Australia, and that placed the AMG arm as a higher seller of sports cars than Porsche last year. For context, Porsche has 12 dealerships around Australia, and Mercedes-AMG will likely open up its 10 showrooms in similar areas, likely including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, the Gold Coast.


The news comes following the opening of the first ever Mercedes-AMG dealership in Setagaya, Tokyo, which occurred this week. Mercedes-AMG chief, Tobias Moers, was there, and said the dedicated showrooms are the next step in the sub-brand's growth.

"The new dedicated store in Tokyo forms the pinnacle of the dealer network and defines the next stage of our sales initiative," Moers said. "With it, we ensure exclusive and competent care for existing and potential AMG customers at the point of sale. The store serves as a role model for future stand-alone projects in other major cities, which are already on the drawing board. Another dedicated store will open in Sydney before the year 2017 is out."

Mercedes-Benz Australia senior manager of public relations, product and corporate communications, David McCarthy, indicated that both Sydney and Melbourne, as the nation's most populous cities, will have AMG Performance Centres up and running in the next 12 months, before confirming there will be 10 open nation-wide before the year is out.


"The AMG brand has such loyalty and popularity from customers that the obvious next step is a more dedicated space to accommodate the growth," McCarthy said. "The ability to personalise the vehicle and enhance the purchase experience gives us a competitive advantage and we intend to leverage it."

It is understood by CarAdvice that the dealerships will all look similar to the Setagaya showroom pictured above. We'll await final details as to where each of the dealerships will be located.