Holden has copped a stack of negative feedback on CarAdvice and social media following our drive of the next-generation Holden Commodore, but the brand isn't fussed and plans on keeping the Commodore nameplate.
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Following our next-generation Holden Commodore drive story and then subsequent release of images, most of the feedback we saw related to the name of the car.

Commenters were unhappy that a car without rear-wheel drive and without a V8 engine option would continue with the Commodore name. And, while they weren't critical of the product, they were critical of keeping an Australian car name for a car that is no longer Australian.


It's not too late for Holden to change its mind on the product's name, but according to senior Holden executives, there isn't a chance of it changing. Speaking to media at the 2017 Detroit motor show, Sean Poppitt, Holden director of communications, said Holden respects the opinion of commenters, but doesn't agree.

This sentiment was echoed by the boss of Holden, Mark Bernhard, saying that he is "very comfortable" with the decision.

"When the Kingswood name was retired, you'd think the world was coming to the end. Then, the Commodore was the best thing we ever sold. There's going to be people that aren't going to like it," Poppitt said.


"We love them and respect their decision and would love to keep them in the brand, but you've got to look at the strength of the product and what it offers. Whether you think it's a Commodore or not, it's a strong product."

So, with this in mind, would you still buy a Commodore, even if the product is strong? And, if the Commodore name doesn't sit well with you, what should it be called?