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There are some new spy shots of the facelifted Hyudnai Tiburon set to go on sale in 2008. Hyundai have been talking about the need for a Hero (Halo) car for sometime, initially the idea appeared to be in process with the introduction of the Tiburon, however given that the Tiburon is a poor excuse for a car, Hyundai are hard at work again. I had bet my money on the Hyundai HCD8 Sports Tourer concept (first on display at the 2004 Detroit Auto Show) becoming the new 2008 Hyundai Tiburon model redesign.

However recent spy shots have shown that the front-drive Tiburon sports coupe will be updated with merely a facelift of new front and rear fascias until it’s finally put out of its misery some time in 2009. In 2008, Hyundai is set to introduce a rear-drive sports car, perhaps Hyundai have learnt that a front wheel drive sports car powered by an engine better matched to a van doesn’t make a sports car?

New Hyundai Tiburon

There is also talk of a coupe and possibly a convertible in 2009. Nonetheless the spy shots shown here suggest that the Tiburon is simply getting a new back and front while Hyundai works hard to come out with a new Halo car.