Most searched car brands of 2016

Google has revealed its most searched automotive brands of 2016 - and the most popular car make may surprise you.
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Honda topped the 2016 most searched brands list, followed by German luxury brand Mercedes-Benz and electric car powerhouse Tesla. Teenage daydreamers looked up Lamborghini, while Swedish premium maker Volvo's new design language has clearly had an effect on potential customers, with it ranking fifth.


The next five were equally surprising, though Ford's sixth-place ranking probably had a lot to do with the fact buyers of F-150 utes are often looking up what's next... oh, and they also revealed the GT supercar.

People still love Jaaaaaaag - especially now that it comes with a high-riding model in its ranks - while Bentley's search numbers were undoubtedly boosted by its new Bentayga SUV, which now comes in diesel.

Maserati is another luxury brand that saw plenty of people Googling it - again, probably because of the new Levante SUV - while Rolls-Royce probably attracted some window shoppers... oh, and it has the Cullinan SUV coming. Wow, people really like SUVs!

2017 Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition Mustang

Some surprising omissions from the top 10 list include Toyota and Chevrolet, while Volkswagen also missed out, which was surprising given its troublesome 2016 lead it to being top of the news lists quite a bit.

Oh, and maybe Ferrari isn't the poster child any more then, hey?

With so many people searching for Honda - likely on the back of its new Civic line-up and its soon-to-arrive all-new CR-V - there could be hope for the brand to get its sales back on track. We'll see in 2017.

Here's the list in its entirety:

1) Honda
2) Mercedes-Benz
3) Tesla
4) Lamborghini
5) Volvo
6) Ford
7) Jaguar
8) Bentley
9) Maserati
10) Rolls-Royce