Audi AS5 Sportback by ABT

Nobody tunes Audi and Volkswagen cars better than prestige German tuning house, ABT.
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CarAdvice has driven several of their cars in Germany including the R8, AS5-R and Golf R32, and their performance in a variety of driving conditions left us breathless.

Their latest work is the new AS5 Sportback, and the power and suspension upgrades are impressive, to say the least.

Take the powerful 3.0 TDI, a superb engine in standard form developing 176kW. With ABT Power S, that figure rises to 228kW with a ground shaking 610 Newton-metres of torque, and enough to catapult the car from standstill to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds. Not bad for a diesel.


It’s a similar story with the 2.0 TSFI which in standard spec produces 132 kW but with the ABT power upgrade, this rises to 202 kW, in addition to a host of other sports performance upgrades to get more out of what is already a brilliant chassis.

Former DTM and Le Mans driver Christian Abt, who is responsible for all technical issues in the company, heads all development work at ABT Headquarters at Kempten, close to the beautiful Allgau Mountains.

Its worth noting that ABT has been tuning four-wheeled transport for over 100 years, so they know a thing or two about the practice.

In addition to the power upgrades for the AS5 Sportback, ABT offers ABT springs and ABT sport coilovers for superior handling as well as a variety of sports wheel packages.

ABT Tuning is represented in Australia by RamSpeed at