Here's what a 2018 Holden Ute could look like

Check out the latest handiwork from renowned rendering artist Theophilus Chin, showing what a theoretical (but utterly unlikely) 2018 Holden Ute may look like.
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The rendering, run on CarScoops, shows how the new Opel Insignia hatch and wagon, which will become the imported Holden Commodore from early 2018, would rock the famous ute body.

Pretty slick, hey? Of course, any hypothetical Insignia/Commodore ute derivative would sport all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive, and there'd be no V8 in sight (just petrol and diesel turbo-fours and a modest V6). But the design is there.


While the loss of the Australian-made Commodore sedan and Sportwagon upon the South Australian factory closure in late 2017 burns, the death of the unique Ute perhaps hurts most of all.

Buyers will be forced to buy a Colorado, or a Ranger/HiLux/Triton etcetera, but it's nice to dream, right?