From the Latvian coach builder Dartz, who famously offered whale penis leather trim on their 2009 Prombron Monaco, comes a new model, promising to put the O.G. back into Oligarch.
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The Dartz PRVY 'Black Alligator' is based on the Mercedes-AMG GLS63, although the exterior renderings show headlamps that look borrowed from a Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Named after the Russian twin-rotor Kamov KA-52 attack helicopter, the Black Alligator doesn't really come in a 'standard' trim.

Regular body panels are constructed from kevlar and carbon fibre, but a fully armoured option is available. Christmas shopping can be hell in the Baltics...


The 430kW/760Nm twin-turbo V8 of the GLS 63 also gets tuned and - through upgrades to intakes, exhaust and turbochargers - can be offered with power ranging from 560kW to a whopping 1200kW. That isn't a typo.

And while the Black Alligator seems to be more about black alligators than Moby Dick (or should that be Moby's di... well, you get the idea), interior material examples look like a who's who of soon to be extinct animals, with one steering wheel alone (encrusted in diamonds, gold and stingray leather) purported to cost $30,000 alone.



If you're thinking ultimate luxury and taste, then don't. It's more like a prop from the next Expendables movie with all the culture of Donald Trump's golden penthouse.

Speaking of which, Dartz cars have featured in a number of movies, including an MRAP mockup in A Good Day to Die Hard and of course the the gold-chrome Prombron Aladeen wagon, in The Dictator. Fitting.


Prices for a fully customised Black Alligator start in the seven-figure range and go up, with all requests being dealt with personally by Dartz's own 'Department of Opulence'.

We're not expecting to see any in Australia.

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