Honda has confirmed it is in discussions with Google parent Alphabet Inc for self-driving technology developed by its recently re-branded Waymo company.
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The news that Google's autonomous vehicle team would be spun off into the new Waymo brand came earlier this month, just one week before the company revealed a self-driving Chrysler Pacifica developed in partnership with the American/Italian car maker. A full 100 of the new people movers will join Waymo's fleet of test cars.

Honda may be the next automotive manufacturer to benefit from Waymo's extensive research and development in the autonomous driving arena, with formal talks now underway.


The two companies have revealed that, at this stage, discussions centre on Honda providing vehicles to Waymo for development and testing, joining the Google offshoot's existing fleet of Toyota, Lexus and now Chrysler models.

If approved, Honda's own R&D engineers would work alongside the Waymo team, contributing knowledge and benefiting from the Alphabet division's experience.

Honda has already confirmed plans to have autonomous vehicle technology available to market by 2020, having revealed prototypes twice since 2015.