Chances are you haven’t heard of Californian sports car manufacturer Fisker Automotive.
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Fisker is an all-green sports car maker from Southern California and is led by Danish designer Henrick Fisker, who just happened to design the BMW Z8 and had a role in the design in some of Aston Martin’s current models.


The big news for Fisker is that Denmark’s Crown Prince HRH Frederik is the first person outside the company’s development team to be driving the eco-friendly Fisker Karma.

The Crown Prince will drive the plug-in hybrid car to and from the COP15 UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen.


The Karma’s green credentials are impressive to say the least. It can travel up to 80 kilometres on a single charge of its lithium-ion battery, and a further 400 kilometres using its range extending generator turned by a highly efficient four cylinder gas engine.

‘Green’ is 2.4-itres/100 km with CO2 emissions of just 83g/km, which is nothing short of remarkable.


But Fisker is also a sports car company, so performance is important, regardless of its green badge of honour.

The Karma will go from standstill to 100km/h in around six seconds, and will exceed 200 km/h.


Fisker has approval from the US government for a USD 528.7 million conditional loan and has announced plans to purchase an assembly plant from General Motors.