Toyota Yaris sedan dropped

The Toyota Yaris sedan has been dumped from the brand's small car line-up. About time, right?
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Toyota Australia discontinued the Yaris sedan in June 2016, so that's when production of this body style wrapped up for our market. That means there may still be a few around on dealer lots, but the car has been pulled off the company's website.

The Yaris sedan was considerably older than its hatchback compatriot, having launched here back in 2007. It had seen some safety updates over those years, but not much else.

Stephen Coughlan, product public relations manager of Toyota Australia, said that buyers will likely be drawn to the slightly larger - and not that much more expensive - Corolla sedan.

"You may recall that we discontinued the three-door body style from our Yaris line-up back in 2014, essentially for the same reason - marked shifts in consumer preference in this segment," he said.


"Whilst the Yaris five-door hatch has year-to-date averaged over 1000 sales per month, average sales of the Yaris sedan had hovered around 18 units per month over the same period," Coughlan said.

"We have no plans to offer a replacement although buyers specifically seeking a sedan body style have found the Corolla Sedan an appealing substitute as the packaging offers substantial space and the entry RRP is reasonably close to the price of the discontinued Yaris sedan."

The Yaris sedan was priced from $17,490 for the base model YRS manual up to $20,990 for the auto YRX (plus on-road costs). The Corolla sedan range kicks off from $20,740 for the entry-level manual Ascent model.