Subaru Australia’s importer is finally addressing one area we’ve long considered a grievance on its cars —service costs.
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The 95 per cent new Impreza range launching this week will be the first Subaru models sold here with 12-month or 12,500km service intervals (whichever comes first) instead of the existing six-month/10,000km intervals across the rest of its range.

Additionally, services are capped at current rates at $1298.19 for the first three years on the MY17 Impreza range (excluding the WRX and STi derivatives), which is a claimed $918.86 cheaper than it would have cost on the superseded Impreza range.

MY17 Subaru Impreza

For comparison at current rates, the new Honda Civic costs an average of $278 per visit at 12-month/10,000km intervals, while a Toyota Corolla costs $140 a pop with sub-par six-month/10,000km intervals.

Thus, Subaru still isn’t cheap, but the ownership costs are much improved, and many are willing to pay a little extra given all its cars (bar the rear-wheel-drive BRZ) are all-wheel-drive.

MY17 Subaru Impreza

Naturally, given the new Impreza’s Global Platform will underpin most next-generation Subaru product, you can expect next iterations of the range to sport cheaper service costs and lower intervals from launch — starting with the new XV in June 2017 and the Forester in early 2018.

Subaru’s decision to expand its service intervals to 12 months is similar to Honda’s strategy, which is rolling out yearly intervals on its new cars (starting with the new Civic), albeit still with 10,000km caps. Mazda has done similar recently, with its cars now sporting 12-month/10,000km intervals.


Subaru is also offering novel mobile servicing on its cars now, and selling the Impreza online as an option, plus through pop-up stores and a singular shopping centre store, operated by its flagship Docklands Melbourne dealer (owned by Subaru Australia importer, Inchcape).

"The reduced costs will remove a major obstacle for us in this segment," Subaru Australia managing director Colin Christie predicted. Subaru expects the new Impreza to double sales to about 10,000 units in 2017, its highest figure in six years.