Nissan goes mad with Mixim concept

With the Frankfurt motorshow only a few weeks away, manufacturers are starting to release photos and details of their concept cars. Today we saw the Mitsubishi Concept cX, and Nissan has just unveiled this:
Nissan Mixim
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Named the Mixim, this oddly shaped concept looks more like a top secret fighter jet than a car. The windscreen design is inspired by the visor of a crash helmet, while the flowing roofline is suppose to inspire sporting confidence.

Nissan Mixim Rear

Nissan says the car is designed primarily for young drivers who are mostly engaged by their computer and the world via the internet. Now why hadn't anyone thought of that before? Design a car for young people!

Powered by Nissans' 'Super Motor', the Mixim is a completely electrically powered car using lithium-ion batteries with one motor for the front, and one motor for the rear, essentially an all-wheel-drive.

Nissan Mixim Doors

Ignoring the odd exterior shape and the twin-engine setup, the interior appears to have been conceived after a long night of drinking.

Apart from the gull-wing doors, the driver sits centrally controlling the car with interfaces familiar to computer gamers, while two passengers sit either side, and wait for it, an occasional fourth seat is also housed behind the front seat module (just imagine the crash test video).

Nissan Mixim Interior

The Mixim is 3700mm long, 1800mm wide and 1400mm high, at it weighs just 950kg. Nissan currently has no plans to put the car to production.

CarAdvice will be in Frankfurt to bring you photos of the Mixim concept and much more.