Apple iCar? Oh yes...

The Internet is alive with rumours today that Apple is in talks with Volkswagen to build a small compact car, most probably dubbed, iCar.
Apple iCar
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I say this is a rumour because the only evidence I have to go with, is talks between Volkswagen chief Martin Winterkorn and Apple's CEO Steve Jobs, about, well, something.

EE Times reports the plan is to build a small sub $10,000 car to attract young buyers who are loyal to the Apple ideology. Will it work? I don't think so.

Not that I don't love Apple and what they have achieved in the last few years, but the difference between an iPod and an iCar will be quality issues, think about it for a minute, for around $10,000, the iCar is bound to have some shortcomings.

As far as I can see, at least the iCar will share one thing with the iPod, at that price, it will most likely be built in China!

- Alborz Fallah