Mitsubishi Concept-cX Official Photos

Mitsubishi has officially released a press release and some high quality photos of the Concept-cX we talked about yesterday.
Mitsubishi Concept-cX Front
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Confirming some of the details, the concept crossover uses a 1.8-litre turbo diesel engine (variable geometry turbocharger), is 4.1 meters long, uses Mitsubishi’s electronically-controlled 4WD system (from the Outlander) and sits on rather large 225/45R19 tyres.

Mitsubishi has included a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) with diesel particulate filter (DPF) in the exhaust system in order to comply with Europe’s Euro 5 emission standards.

Mitsubishi Concept-cX Rear

Even more interesting is Mitsubishi's choice of transmission, the concept uses the same gearbox as the upcoming Evo X, the Mitsubishi Twin Clutch SST (Sport Shift Transmission).

All that aside, the real fun starts inside. With a ridiculously large centre console, a Star Trek inspired gearshift and seats that seem better shaped to midget aliens than humans, the Concept-cX gives a glimpse of what we should expect from Mitsubishi in the future.

Mitsubishi Concept-cX Interior

The Japanese manufacturer has spared no cost on this concept as the interior is made from Mitsubishi’s own Green Plastic - made from plant-based resins!

Mitsubishi Concept-cX Seats

It is unlikely that when/if the car goes into production, the production version's interior would look anything like this concept. But it's good to dream.