While Paul is driving Bentleys in Spain, Mike Costello and James Wong join Mandy for this week's show.
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We bring you the latest in car news, including the 2018 Holden Commodore reveal, Honda Civic sedan sells up a storm, Volkswagen Group Australia announces voluntary recall of 61,000 vehicles for diesel software fix, Opel Insignia Grand Sport is revealed for Europe, Mercedes-AMG sales at record levels, and Mazda is not working on a larger sports car.

Mike talks about November car sales, and his time in the Austrian Alps driving the Mercedes-AMG E63 and E-Class All Terrain.

Mandy and James drove from MotorWorld Sydney to Melbourne in the CarAdvice Audi S1 - and encountered a problem.

We talk to the CEO of Jet Charge, Tim Washington, who installs EV chargers.

James chats to Toyota's Manager for Product Planning, Michael Elias, about its hydrogen cars and the Prius Plug-In.

Reader comments this week are entertaining as usual, and a very loud noise features in Pick the Exhaust.

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