Volkswagen's Amarok takes on HiLux

Update: Volkswagen Amarok Review.
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Volkswagen's new Amarok Ute will be taking on the market leading Toyota HiLux, Volkswagen will try to match their pricing as close as possible as well as engine options.
Toyota's HiLux has been the benchmark used when Volkswagen designed the Amarok, but was thought the pricing of the VW would be higher. Toyota manufactures the Hilux in Thailand which has a free trade agreement with Australia
Amarok will be available in 4x2, 4x4 and 4MOTION which will be on-sale in the second half of 2010. The final specifications haven't been confirmed yet but it is expected to be offered in base level workhorse version and a more lifestyle focused model.

Pricing for the base model is most likely going to be in the mid $30,000 range and make its way up to the low $50,000 for the better equipped 4x4 model.
The Amarok with 4MOTION gives Volkswagen a unique Ute, giving buyers the option of an all wheel drive without the low-range system in the more capable 4x4 version.


Available in single and bi-turbo diesel engines, the 118kW petrol engine arrives early 2011 and will most likely be offered in the single cab range.
What's yet to be confirmed is what transmissions will be available, a seven speed dual clutch (DSG) is available in the Transporter and would be suitable for the Amarok.
Volkswagens decision to buy into Suzuki could be a bonus for Amarok production, the company has been looking at plants in the South East Asian area where the Ute could be made if the Argentinean factory can't keep up with demand.