Forming part of a simultaneous global unveiling, GM Europe brand Opel has revealed its new Insignia in sync with the local 2018 Holden Commodore's digital debut.
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Shown here in its UK-market Vauxhall form, the Insignia is, as expected, identical to the car that will replace the VF II Commodore when it enters retirement next year.

As it will in Australia, albeit with the Commodore badge, this new Insignia will take on rivals like the Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Passat, among others.


In Europe, the new Insignia will be known in full as the Insignia Grand Sport, the new name coming as something of a nod to the 2017 model's significant longer wheelbase - up 92mm on the car it replaces.

The new model is also around 175kg lighter than the old Insignia, but as the local successor to the Commodore, it's between 200 to 300kg lighter than the car it replaces.

Opel is keeping quiet on power details - just as Holden is - although it is understood that while our range will be headlined by a 230kW V6, the European line-up will get a circa 185kW turbo four-cylinder engine at the top end.


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