Make & Model: Kia Sportage (JA)
2002 Kia Sportage
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Kia Sportage Radiator Cooling Fan Blade Recall

Number of vehicles affected: 2352

Model Years From: Vehicles produced between 7 November 2001 and 18 December 2002

Campaign Number: 071010

VIN Range: KNAJA523525133058 to KNAJA523525134092. KNAJA523825141835 to KNAJA523825134067. KNAJA523535172558 to KNAJA523535179215. KNAJA523835172551 to KNAJA523835178942.

What's wrong: There is a possibility the radiator cooling fan blade may break, damaging the radiator and causing possible engine damage

What should you do:
Kia Motors Australia will write to owners of all affected vehicles requesting they contact their local Kia dealer for the rectification procedure to be carried out.