The Audi lunar quattro is ready for take-off, with the German company announcing its plans for the rover to complete its mission to the moon in late 2017.
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First revealed in 2015, the Audi lunar quattro is teaming up with German space travel team 'Part-Time Scientist' as part of the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition.

Since the original announcement, the lunar quattro has shed eight kilograms in weight, and added Audi e-tron power to its repertoire.

PASSION - MISSION TO MOON Moon yearning – Robert Böhme and his colleagues Jürgen Brandner and Karsten Becker are the brains behind a group now consisting of 35 engineers working on making the dream of a moon landing come true.

Using four on-board cameras, the Audi lunar quattro will examine objects on the moon, while also taking three-dimensional and 360-degree images.

The Google Lunar XPRIZE competition is worth more than US$30 million ($40.1 million), and is a space travel competition aimed at engineers and entrepreneurs around the world.

In order to win the contest, a private team must get a rover to the moon, drive it at least 500m and send high-resolution images back to earth.

MISSION TO THE MOON Audi lunar quattro Top speed 3.6 km/h – The Audi lunar quattro, the moon rover.

From an original field of nearly 30 entrants, Audi and the Part-Time Scientists are one of five leading teams in the race.