The boss of McLaren has now confirmed previously dismissed report that the company did indeed have a meeting with technology giant Apple, though no bids or offers for a takeover were made.
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Speaking to Reuters, CEO Mike Flewitt, said the company has been approached by several potential investors, though the company's shareholders have been opposed to any kind of takeover - in particular a Chinese takeover bid that saw head of the Formula One team, Ron Dennis, forced out last week.

"There have been a number of bids," he said.

"I am comfortable with where our current shareholders are that they want to retain ownership of the company."


Above: McLaren 570GT

A report by The Financial Times in September claimed that Apple had approached McLaren Technology Group - which owns around 80 per cent of McLaren Automotive - about a possible takeover of or a strategic investment in the British supercar firm.

Flewitt shut down rumours of those talks, though he did confirm a meeting occurred.

"There wasn't a bid from Apple," he said.

"They visited. We talked. We talked about what they did. We talked about what we did. They toured. [But] it never matured to a definitive proposition."


Above: McLaren 650S

According to the Reuters report, McLaren Automotive is aiming to double the number of models it builds to 3000 units this year, not far behind fellow British automaker Aston Martin.