Swedish manufacturer Volvo has launched a pilot program for its mobile concierge service in the US, which will allow owners to have their car serviced, cleaned and refuelled at their home.
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Based on the company's consumer research, over 70 per cent of Volvo customers want refuelling services at their fingertips, while 56 per cent want their car picked up for routine maintenance, and 49 per cent would like to be able to have their car moved to another location when desired.

Using a Volvo On Call app, owners will be able to see which concierge services are available nearby and order them through their smartphone.

Requests are then sent to an authorised Volvo service provider who will refuel the vehicle, perform scheduled maintenance and any additional services the owner has requested.

Phone with a range of Volvo concierge services

The app provides a one-time-use digital key, which is location and time-specific, and sends it out to the service provider. Once the services are completed, the car is locked and the digital key expires.

Owners can choose to have their vehicle returned to the location it was picked up or delivered to a completely new location of the customer's choice.

Volvo On Call will initially be available to owners in San Francisco driving the XC90 SUV and S90 sedan.

2016 Luxury SUV Comparo_Range Rover Sport V Jaguar F Pace V Porsche Cayenne V Volvo XC90 V BMW X5 V Audi Q7 V Lexus RX350 V Merc GLE250d-114

Above: Volvo XC90


Greg Bosnich, director of public relations at Volvo's Australian arm, told CarAdvice that there are no immediate plans to rollout the Volvo On Call service locally, though the results of the pilot program in the States could see the app made available globally.

"We have no timeline for Australia to date," he said.

"The pilot is to understand more about how customer uses these kinds of services. Global roll out is investigated based on the knowledge we gain in the pilot."