Car manufacturers are getting the message, Electronic Stability Control (ESC/ESP/DSC/etc) is not just a marketing tool, but a life saving feature.
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Yesterday the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) released figures which show that 34.7 percent of new passenger and SUV vehicles are fitted standard with ESC. This is a 14.7 percent increase over the last 12 months.

Understeer ESP HelpingOversteer ESP Helping

It seems that SUVs have gained the most with nearly half (48.1 percent) of all new SUVs sold between January and June of this year featuring ESC. The figure is lower at 30.6 per cent for cars.

FCAI chief executive Andrew McKellar believes the rapid deployment of ESC is a result of the competitive market as well as consumer demand.

"Australian motorists have access to this technology at very affordable levels and they have demonstrated that they do place a value on enhanced vehicle safety." said Mr McKellar.

The report also shows that 17 of the 38 automotive brands researched are fitting ESC to either 100 per cent of their passenger car models, 100 per cent of their SUVs, or in some cases both.

Not sure what ESC is? This video might help.