Japanese manufacturer Honda has applied to patent a new technology that will allow passengers to control the vehicle's window tint using their fingertips.
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By dragging your finger across the glass, occupants can adjust how much of the window they want to have tinted, and could be adapted to all windows of the vehicle - including the windscreen, which would take the place of the fold-down sun visors we are all familiar with.

According to the patent, as reported by AutoGuide.com, the system can only be used while the vehicle is parked and will be controlled by pinch movements.

How the company's design would avoid streaks of finger prints up and down the window, is unclear.


This latest patent comes after Honda has begun to add more touch-sensitive technologies to its new-generation models - like the Civic (above) - including the removal of physical buttons on its infotainment screens and touch-sensitive controls on its steering wheels.

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