LPG a good alternative fuel

VACC is the peak Automotive Industry body in Victoria and wants to remind motorists that LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) is the best alternative fuel available.
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"There has been a lot of recent industry and media discussion regarding alternative fuels and electric powered vehicles in particular. VACC can see the potential of plug-in vehicles, but they are for the future, especially when you consider re-charging networks and training courses for repairers still need to be addressed. But LPG is for the now. It is viable, environmentally friendly and the technology and infrastructure is proven," VACC Executive Director, David Purchase, said.

LPG (also known as Autogas) is environmentally friendly, producing the lowest life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of all commercially available automotive fuels.


The LPG industry is covered by a National Code or Standard and also has State Regulations to ensure the systems are safe to use, repair and safe in an accident.
Autogas is usually 50 per cent cheaper than the other available fuels. The National average for ULP price from November 2008 to October 2009 was 120 cpl and LPG was 55 cpl.
With the Federal Government offering private motorists a rebate of $1750 to convert there car to LPG it will pay for itself in no time. Most vehicles can be converted with the conversion taking one to two days. Victoria has over 50 per cent of the Nation's LPG conversions with more than 600 LPG conversion businesses registered.


Victoria has over 1,000 service stations offering LPG and filling the tank is easy to use and cleaner than diesel.
Close to 6,000 national conversions are done per month and has a turnover of $350 million per annum. More than 600,000 Australians run their cars on Autogas.
Australia has a huge supply of natural reserves of LPG and produces three million tonnes per annum.

"LPG is the sensible and practical choice when it comes to alternative fuels. And, unlike electric-powered vehicles, you do not have to buy a new car to benefit: you just convert your current model through a VACC Accredited Alternative Fuels Specialist," Mr Purchase said.