Lotus Exige Sport 240

Lotus Australia has unveiled the fastest, most-desirable and exclusively tuned Lotus Exige to ever go on sale in Australia, the Lotus Sport 240.
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The car was conceived and designed locally by Lotus Australia and is set to make its worldwide debut at the Australian International Motor Show in October where it will officially go on sale.

The Lotus Exige Sport 240 is powered by a 1.8-litre supercharged intercooled four-cylinder. Features include twin-overhead camshafts, 16 valves and VVTL-i variable cam timing and lift, along with a distinct, characteristic supercharger whine. Power has been increased to 179 kW which is a 10 percent increase over the Exige S, whilst torque also increases from 215Nm to 230Nm.


Its release will mark it as the first ever production car in Australia fitted with driver-adjustable stand-alone traction control, similar to the systems currently used in Formula 1.

Tuned with more power, bigger brakes, body mods, two bespoke colours, interior changes and limited edition badging, the Exige Sport 240 will be the most exclusive Exige to hit Australian Lotus showrooms.


Only six of the Exige Sport 240 will be initially available in launch colours of Blaze Orange or Sapphire Black, each with a special edition interior plaque.

It's more than impressive 4.2 second 0-100km/h sprint is maintained through an electronic launch-control system where the driver can dial in the desired revs, floor the throttle and it will hold at the determined point until the clutch is released for perfect starts every time.


All this performance is restrained by AP four-piston callipers on the front with 308mm two-piece front vented discs and braided hoses. On the rear, new Brembo single-piston callipers work on 288mm rotors with Pagid brake pads are fitted all around.

The functional performance styling is continued in the interior. With this comes air-conditioning (which weighs 15kg in total and disengages on wide open throttle) and sound insulation amongst other enhancements throughout the cabin. Exige Sport 240 sports seats (finished in black leather) with a harness bar complement the purposeful nature of the car. The seats display an orange Exige logo and, along with the door trims and centre console, also have orange stitching. The black floor mats also feature an orange Exige logo.


The special edition Lotus Exige Sport 240 is priced at $149,990 plus dealer delivery and statutory government charges. It will debut and go on sale at the Australian International Motor Show, from October 11.