Nissan Cube set for UK streets in 2010

Love it or hate it the Nissan Cube is slowly working its way out of Japan to the streets of the world, and next year, its the UK's turn.
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With barely a conventional bone in its body, the Cube is presented as a "unique solution for 21st century drivers". From the ground up Cube places function ahead of form which lends the car an interior occupant space Nissan refer to as the ‘Jacuzzi Curve’ layout. Apparently this space is ideal for "relaxing, travelling and socialising".


The curve-themed interior design is characterised by the subtle wavy shaping of the instrument panel, door panels, seat shapes, and the iconic ‘Water Drop’ that can be seen in the cupholders and the climate control design. They are inspired by nature and the calming way that ripples move outward from a drop in water.

A large triple-layered glass roof is fitted as standard, giving a light and airy atmosphere throughout the cabin. As well as the traditional blind to prevent heat build up on sunny days, there is a shoji shade, inspired by traditional Japanese shades made of rice paper which can be drawn across the sunroof, allowing light to enter but minimising heat build up.

Measuring only 3,980mm in length the Cube is offered in two model grades with pricing from £14,000 (AUD$25,050). Each version may be customised by the owner with Nissan offering a large range of accessories and "tattoos".


"We’re excited to finally bring the ultra-cool Cube to the UK," said Nissan’s UK MD, Mr Paul Willcox. "Here we have a car that will not only meet the functional requirements of a huge range of new car buyers, but also capture their imagination. It’s very well equipped, built to the highest quality standards and above all else, the Cube is different!"


Since going on sale in Japan in 1998 Nissan have sold over 1 million examples of the Cube. Now available in the UK the Cube will be offered with a choice of 1.6-litre petrol or 1.5-litre diesel engines mated to either a five-speed manual or six-speed CVT (automatic) transmission. Fuel economy figures are said to be as low as 5.4L/100km for the petrol model with the diesel's figures to be announced closer to that model's launch in May.