Italian police write-off Lambo

Italian police have written-off one of the most valuable patrol cars in the world – a $269,000 Lamborghini Gallardo.
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The police supercar ploughed into a row of parked cars after the driver of a Seat Ibiza pulled out of a service station without looking and clipped the blue and white beast.

One of the officers suffered a broken rib while the other had some mild bruising in the accident that occurred in the northern Italian town of Cremona.

The Gallardo was a present from Lamborghini to the police in 2004 to help them fight the country’s horrific accident statistics.

Around one million motorists were injured and 4731 were killed on Italy’s roads in 2008.

The officers were on their way back to the station after a road safety seminar with a group of school children.


An elite team of drivers were specifically trained to drive a fleet of the 412kW V10 machines which can reach speeds of 320km/h and accelerate from 0-100km/h in around four seconds.

The police used the Gallardo in high-speed chases and to deliver urgent transplant organs across the country – ‘used’ being the operative word.