2008 Subaru Impreza WRX First Steer

$23,990 Mrlp
  • Fuel Economy
  • Engine Power
  • CO2 Emissions
  • ANCAP Rating

Subaru has been punished lately as spy shots of the 2008 WRX hatch hit computer screens and magazines around the world.

I’ve just spent some time behind the wheel of an Obsidian Black Pearl WRX and it’s not all bad. Incidentally, the range of exterior paint jobs includes some previous colours and some new. Choices such as; Spark Silver Metallic, Dark Grey Metallic, Lighting Red, Satin White Pearl and WR Blue Mica should all be popular.

I like the front of the car, a lot! The bonnet scoop is now more an air intake and is way more stylish than the hard-core, boy racer look of previous models. It still looks aggressive but not in any offensive kind of way.

If you’re expecting the usual Boxer engine burble when you fire up the 2.5L intercooled turbo – then you will surely be disappointed. There’s none of that. The engine note at idle isn’t even mildly warm. In fact, if you were blindfolded and started this car, it’s doubtful you would even pick the brand, let alone the actual model.

Dropping the right pedal further into the second and third chicane, produced noticeable body roll although, the car kept its line and was not unsettled. I suspect the new Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) was functioning properly. Nonetheless, at these rather moderate speeds during these routine manoeuvres, I would have expected little or no load transfer lean.

Brakes are superb, pedal feel is nicely progressive and requires less effort with new Brake Assist function.

By Anthony Crawford