Tesla has shuffled its offerings once again, swapping out one variant in the Model S and Model X lines, while adding new equipment options for the Model S.
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Gone is the P90D, leaving only the more powerful P100D option - capable of ‘Ludicrous’ acceleration from 0-100km/h in just 2.7 seconds - at the top of both lines.

That now leaves a near $90,000 gap between the Model S 90D and P100D models, and nearly $80,000 between the Model X 90D and P100D.

With both bodies, the P100D adds Ludicrous Mode as standard, previously optional equipment on the P90D. Air suspension was also an option with the Model S P90D but is standard with the P100D, while the Model X P90D had air suspension as standard already.


Don't be surprised if a ‘regular’ 100D variant debuts to fill the gap between the two variants for both the Model S and Model X.

Also now available as an option is a fixed glass roof option, which the company says adds “an open, expansive cabin feel”, helped by the absence of the central pillar that comes with the glass sunroof option.

In Australia the fixed glass roof costs an extra $2300, $700 less than the panoramic sunroof.


This comes after Tesla revealed its new line of glass solar roof tiles last week, alongside an upgraded second-generation of company’s Powerwall home energy storage system.

As for the larger Model X SUV, the company is now offering a five-seat version with a fold-down second row.