Lexus LFA for sale, not lease, in Europe

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Lexus Europe has confirmed it will sell its LFA supercars rather than follow the lead of the US and lease them to customers.

Last week, CarAdvice revealed Lexus US’s plans to prevent the limited edition cars being bought by speculators who on sell cars for a premium price.

While Europe’s decision means automotive entrepreneurs will have the chance to vulture sales of the brand’s halo car, Lexus is making the purchasing process a rigorous exercise to try to discourage it.

Interested buyers will first have to make an initial enquiry into the LFA before being contacted by a personal liaison manager – similar to the sales strategy of McLaren and Maybach.

If they want to proceed with the purchase they will then need to fill in an "expression of interest" form with a £25,000 (AUD$44,800) deposit.


Personal liaison manager, Devshi Varsani, will be responsible for handling all of the sales out of the European sales centre, London’s Park Lane dealership.

"Lexus has a world-leading reputation for customer service and I will be playing my part in ensuring the people who purchase the LFA, wherever they come from in Europe, are given all the assistance and support they require."The LFA is an exceptional car for Lexus and is attracting huge interest right around the world," he said.

Varsani said since the LFA’s unveiling in October he has experienced strong demand from prospective customers from across Europe and was confident the sales strategy would be a success.


"Having the car on display in our showroom will allow these potential customers to come see the supercar in the flesh, an important part of the sales process for such an extraordinary car."
Lexus will make just 500 LFAs between December 2010 and 2012, and around 100 of those will be sold in Europe.
Orders will be taken from March next year when specification levels and personalisation preferences will be decided.