2016 Mitsubishi Triton GLX+ Review: Long-term report one – introduction

Rating: 8.0
$38,490 Mrlp
  • Fuel Economy
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We bought this one – the 2016 Mitsubishi Triton GLX+ dual-cab ute – to see if it's the best from the brand.
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Sometimes we don’t just borrow cars from manufacturers, we buy them – and that's exactly what we’ve done with our latest long-termer, the 2016 Mitsubishi Triton GLX+.

This dual-cab, diesel-powered, four-wheel-drive ute is one of the best value mainstream models on the market. You can get the six-speed manual version for $35,990 drive-away, and the five-speed auto model we have here can be had at $38,490 drive-away. At the moment there’s even a $2000 factory bonus on top of that, so this is a seriously good deal…

What’s the appeal of a ute like this Mitsubishi Triton double-cab pick-up for the CarAdvice offices? Well, like a lot of dual-cab truck buyers, we think it could fill the role of a dual-purpose machine: family vehicle on the weekends, and hauler when it’s needed during the week.

It has already found itself out on the worksite with us – yeah, so our worksite is pretty different to what most buyers might find themselves on, but it has hauled camera kits and tripods in the tray for numerous shoots. We really haven’t got it dirty yet.

That’s something we plan to do – it’ll be taken off-roading, it’ll be put through the commute, it’ll be put against its competitors, all in the name of seeing if this might be the best specification of Triton you can buy. We clearly thought it was, otherwise we wouldn't have bought it... so maybe it's more to justify our purchase!

And that’s the reason we bought it. You get a strong but quiet turbo-diesel engine and smooth automatic transmission; you get a decent cabin with a touchscreen media system and rear-view camera; and you get 16-inch alloy wheels. Best of all, it get s a black grille, which stands out less than the chrome trim on the higher-spec models.

On the work side of things you get a good payload (970 kilograms), a sizeable tray (1520mm long/1470mm wide/475mm deep), and we got our Triton with a towbar to test out its towing capacity of 3.1 tonnes – that’s not class-leading, but it should be enough for a reasonable boat.

The new Triton will be shared between departments within CarAdvice, with the main custodian of the vehicle being Benn Sykes, our national sales director. As a father of two little ones he will surely be putting the rear child-seat anchor points to the test!

Other members of the CA team will pilot the new Triton GLX+ around, too – and we’ll aim to give you a range of different takes on different aspects of the ute over the coming months (and maybe years, considering we don’t actually have to give this one back!).

Stay tuned for more...

Price: from $38,490 drive-away
Engine: 2.4-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel
Power: 133kW at 3500rpm
Torque: 430Nm at 2500rpm
Transmission: five-speed automatic, four-wheel drive
Claimed fuel use: 7.6 litres per 100 kilometres
Weight: 1930 kilograms (tare mass)
Seating: five
Cargo capacity: 970 kilograms
Country of origin: Thailand