Fisker EMotion: EV with 640km range teased

The Fisker EMotion, the latest vehicle from the pen of Henrik Fisker, has been teased again on social media.
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The latest teaser photo shows the car's front profile, and follows on from earlier teasers that revealed the vehicle's front-end design, as well as its butterfly door arrangement, which is said to make for easier ingress and egress.

Fisker says that the car's body is made from carbon-fibre, aluminium, and composite materials, and thanks to its "innovative structure and proportion, it will boast a larger interior than its closest competitor".


With an estimated range of around 645 kilometres (400 miles), Fisker is touting the EMotion as having the "longest electric range of any production car previously developed".

In an interview with Business Insider, Fisker revealed that the EMotion will use graphene super-capacitors instead of the traditional lithium-ion batteries employed by many hybrids and all EVs.

This new energy storage design has reportedly solved the energy density problem that has so far prevented super-capacitors being used more widely in automotive applications despite its fast recharge times.

Henrik Fisker's latest car company is reportedly patenting new methods that will slash the cost of producing graphene.


The prospective car maker has yet to reveal any detailed specifications about the EMotion, but says that the car will offer "superb rear legroom", adaptive LED lights, streaming content for its passengers, and "fully autonomous [driving] as an option when fully developed [and] approved by our supplier".

The EMotion is a follow up to the plug-in hybrid Fisker Karma, which went out of production in 2013 when Henrik Fisker's first car company went bankrupt.

Chinese company Wanxiang bought the Karma's design and other assets in 2014 for US$124 million ($163 million), and will begin producing an updated version from next year as the Karma Revero.