BP offers ethanol blend fuel

Manildra Group’s Dick Honan has struck up a deal with BP to sell an ethanol-petrol blend fuel through their QLD, NSW & ACT outlets as of October 1st. NSW motorists will also be offered an incentive of 3c per litre off when they purchase the blended fuel.
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The twelve month contract will see 40 million litres of ethanol supplied to BP, and may be renewed for an additional two years pending the trial’s success.

While much debate still continues over the pros and cons of ethanol blended fuels (and if any overall benefit is achieved), I’d strongly advise consulting your owner’s manual or dealership before dashing out to fill ‘er up.

Some manufacturers still advise against the use of these fuels and whilst, in Australia at least, the blends are only between 2 and 10%, an expensive rebuild won’t be covered by warranty if you’re found to be in breach of manufacturer’s guidelines.