Not content with dominating Australia’s building and construction sites and new vehicle sales charts, the ever-popular turbo-diesel dual-cab ute is about to dominate our race tracks.
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Supercars today confirmed it will launch a new motorsport category for the dualies, SuperUtes. The category, which will be open to all manufacturers of turbo-diesel, dual cab utes, will replace the popular but ageing V8 Utes Series which has pitted Australia’s venerable workhorses – the Falcon and Commodore utes – against each other since 2001.

But with local manufacturing of both utes coming to an end, SuperUtes is looking to capitalise on on the popularity dual cab ute segment while also maintaining market relevance.

It’s understood in order to keep costs down, SuperUtes will be production-based, with enhanced performance packages via a series of control parts supplied by Supercars.

“V8 Utes has been a popular and entertaining category but with the changing automotive market it’s important that the Utes series becomes more market relevant,” said Supercars managing director, Matt Braid.

“Utilising production based turbo-diesel dual cab utes currently available for sale in the Australian market, SuperUtes will open the category to a variety of new manufacturers while still maintaining the spectacular and entertaining elements that make the category such a favourite with the fans.”

SuperUtes will form part of the Supercars support bill at six events in 2017 with a view to expanding the calendar from 2018 and beyond. Supercars took over the category management of the existing V8 Utes Series at the start of this year.