Dodge Australia goes into hibernation

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Australia will put the Dodge brand on hold while it seeks future product from the iconic American brand.
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The new boss of Fiat Chrysler Australia, Steve Zanlunghi, says that once current stock for the Dodge Journey SUV runs out, the brand will go into hibernation before new product cases are made for our market.

“Dodge, right now we are in the process of running out our final vehicle, which is the Journey. Then we are looking at different businesses cases to bring other models in the future,” Zanlunghi said.

2017 Dodge Charger Daytona 392 (left) and 2017 Dodge Charger Day

Timing for that next step remains somewhat unclear, with Zanlunghi noting that it really depends on when Dodge can put together a global business case.

Even so, Dodge will continue to keep its service mandates for existing customers and those seeking a Journey can always find the Fiat Freemont as an alternative choice.

So far this year Dodge has sold just 336 Journeys in Australia, down 66 per cent from 990 sales this time last year.