A radical Volkswagen autonomous EV concept car been found on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) patent register.
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The renderings you see here were originally posted on the VW Vortex forums by user aladis.

Aiming for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, the concept features a short bonnet, sweeping roof line, tapered tail, and a prominent shark fin down the middle.

Entry and exit from the cabin is via single piece gull-wing doors that stretch from the front to the rear wheel arches.


The concept reportedly features an electric drivetrain, as well as autonomous driving technology. Although the car seems to feature side windows, the renderings don't feature front or rear windscreens.

Under the skin, this large concept car will likely use parts from the company's much talked about MEB modular electric vehicle toolkit, which made is debut recently beneath the Volkswagen ID concept.

The Volkswagen ID is said to preview a new Golf-size electric vehicle that will enter production in 2020, and will be the first of many EVs as the company moves away from its discredited 'clean diesel' technology.


While the ID concept is powered by a single 125kW electric motor, the gull-wing concept seen here will likely feature a more powerful setup, possibly with multiple engines for all-wheel drive capability.

This concept should also feature a version of the ID Pilot automated driving system, which retracts the steering wheel into the dashboard whenever the car is driving itself.

Volkswagen's autonomous driving setup debuted in Paris last month and is said to be pencilled in for public release in 2025.