In possibly one of the largest marketing stretches ever seen, Peugeot has unveiled its latest limited, must-have item: salt and pepper mills.
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It’s Alright though, because these particular salt and pepper mills were designed in collaboration with the Peugeot Design Lab – the French car maker’s global brand design studio – and its own tableware division, PSP (Poivrieres Salieres Productions) Peugeot.

Able to trace its mill and saw-blade history back to its earliest beginnings in the east of France in 1810, “the land of gourmet food and automotive achievement”, Peugeot claims not only to have delivered the world the first Peugeot coffee mill in 1840, but also the first Peugeot pepper mill in 1874.


And, R U Ready for this? According to the official release about the mills, PSP Peugeot manufactures and exports 2.5 million mills throughout the world each year. That’s a lot of peppercorns…

Anyway, limited to 150 units – each priced at 99 euros ($143.00) – Peugeot says its new tabletop salt and pepper mills are “designed to be held in an inclined position rather than vertically”, so there’s no need to Push It or Shake Your Thang.

“Once the grains are ground, they do not directly fall into the dish, but rather are guided by a receptacle formed by the mill body, which makes it possible to precisely judge and control the quantity of seasoning,” the release reads.


Apparently designed to team an elegant, tapered, and dynamic shape with “the formal style language of Peugeot”, the mills are also said to combine the sharp, precise, technical feeling of aluminium with the “warmth and sensuality” of wood.

The new mills follow “several concept mills” from 2012, as well as the original Milan Peugeot salt and pepper mills from 2015.

Oh, and just in case you’re yet to pick up all the Salt ’N Pepa references… Shoop!