Ford has issued a recall for 3492 of its FG II Falcon utes over concerns a faulty rear axle could cause the wheel and axle assemblies to separate.
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The Blue Oval reports that the rear axle housing weld may crack, resulting in an oil leak and potentially causing the partial or full separation of the wheel assembly from the axle assembly.

If the fault occurs, the vehicle may experience rear suspension noise, loss of steering control, a reduction or loss of brake performance and loss of power.

The recalled FG II Falcon utes were produced between 1 August 2012 and 28 March 2013.


Owners of the affected Falcon utes will be contacted by Ford Australia via mail, with customers advised to contact their local dealer.

The company also advises that owners drive their vehicle with caution and at moderate speed until the recall work is complete.

Wes Sherwood, director of communications at Ford Australia, told CarAdvice that the company's local arm will continue this kind of support and parts for the Falcon, ute and Territory for the next 10 years - as local manufacturing ceased last week.

For more information, customers can contact Ford’s customer service centre on 1800 503 672.