The futuristic Rinspeed Oasis concept car has been revealed ahead of its debut at next year's CES.
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The tuning and design firm has yet to provide many concrete details about the concept, although we can discern a few details from the supplied images and its target audience in Las Vegas.

For example, the steering wheel is capable of flipping and turning itself into a small table space, suggesting that the Oasis will feature autonomous driving functionality.

Backing this up, the company says the Oasis' interior will feature an armchair, sideboard, television, an augmented reality setup for the windscreen, and a multi-function steering wheel.


The car's low floor, mono-box shape, and solar roof panels indicate that it will also feature an electric drivetrain.

Designed for the sharing economy, Rinspeed suggests that the Oasis could function as a commuter car or shopping vehicle in the morning, a parcel delivery van in the afternoon, and a "pizza taxi" at night. To that end, the back of the car features an electronically locked, heated and cooled storage box.

Rinspeed describes the Oasis as "kind of like a trendy buddy of Star Wars icon R2-D2". The company even goes on the attack, stating that the Oasis "not at all like a [grey] mouse and not solely designed with a single purpose in mind like Google’s cars" as it has a "host of technical and visual treats inside".