Kia GT sports sedan now 'makes sense'

The upcoming Kia GT rear-wheel drive-sports sedan finally makes sense now that it has got its core models sorted and transformed its brand, the company says.
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CarAdvice believes the South Korean brand is set to finally launch the sporty four-door sedan at January's Detroit motor show, after years of concepts and discussions, with the coupe model to follow in the near future.

Speaking with CarAdvice at last week’s Paris motor show, Kia Motors Europe’s chief operating officer, Michael Cole, noted that now, more than ever, the Kia GT rear-wheel drive sports sedan and its coupe derivative (expected to be called Stinger) fit perfectly into the Kia line-up.


“Clearly it’s a vehicle that we believe could, at some point, be a halo and brand product for us and the car still draws a lot of interest from when we showed the concept," he said.

Asked if the GT will form a brand transformation for Kia, Cole argued that in fact the GT will only finalise what has already been a decade of transformation.

“I don’t think it’s a brand transformation, but I think as we’ve already made such a transformation for the brand, I think now that would be a very credible halo product to put on top of what we've already got.

"I think now people will say that ‘yeah that makes sense we understand why Kia has that’, because we’ve built the brand, we have all the core product line, we have GT line and GT in certain models, so I think it becomes a credible possibility.”


The Kia GT rear-wheel drive sedan is believed to be based on the same platform as Genesis models, with the four door variant to launch first, followed by a two door coupe.

Kia has previously hinted that it will have two models, one powered by a six-cylinder twin-turbo powertrain and the other with a four-cylinder turbo.

Prices remain well and truly unconfirmed, but expect the range to be between $40-50,000.