The numbers are coming in and its still Toyota infront followed by Holden and Ford. Nevertheless, other car companies have also moved ahead in the first 6 months of the year. Firstly, Toyota has to be doing something right to come out so strong, once again.
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In the first six months of the year, Toyota sold 104,619 vehicles – an increase of 3.9 per cent on the previous record for the first half set in 2004. Toyota outsold its nearest rival (Holden) in June by 8785 vehicles, achieving a market share of 23.2 per cent.Toyota’s Corolla small car was also the best-selling motor vehicle in Australia last month with 5912 sales – 898 ahead of the traditional market leader, the Holden Commodore. In the annual sales race, Toyota is now more than 30,000 sales ahead of the second-placed brand.

Daimler Chrysler also had a good first half year having the best results since 1997! The Chrysler 300cc dominated the luxury car segment (under $100,000)

On the back of strong demand for its growing product range, year-to-date sales of 4,284 are up 16 per cent over 2005, delivering the Group’s best mid-year result in over eight years.

Riding on the success of the Prestige car segment, BMW also had a great first six months, and an even better June as BMW set their best month record yet. BMW announced record sales for this year:

BMW brand sales for the first six months of 2006 underline the success of the BMW new model onslaught, with 7,608 vehicles sold January to June inclusive. In June alone, BMW sold 1,398 vehicles, an all-time record for the month and its strongest sales result in 2006 so far.

Japanese Car maker Honda also smashed personal records in June, selling over 5000 cars for the first time to finish with an all-time record of 5762 sales just in June!. The record result sees Honda’s half-year sales reach 26,125 – over half the company’s 2006 target of 50,000.

According to official VFACTS figures, Honda’s year-to-date market share stands at 5.4 per cent, up from 4.8 per cent in 2005.

However thing aren't looking that great for the relatively old Honda S2000, Honda having sold only 1 in the last month! Subaru also recorded its best year yet!

More stats as they become available.