Details on the first ever Mercedes-Benz pick-up utility vehicle are set to be revealed later this month, according to a release from the Renault-Nissan Alliance.
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The release focused on the intra-brand co-operative deal between Renault, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz in the joint development of a new pick-up truck. We already knew that - Mercedes-Benz announced its ute project a while ago - but this new release has offered up some fresh details on the vehicle.

"It will be engineered and designed by Daimler to meet the specific needs of its customers in Europe, Australia, South Africa and Latin America," the release read.

"The vehicle will have all of Mercedes-Benz’ distinctive characteristics and features. Production of the Mercedes-Benz pickup truck will take place at the Renault plant in Cordoba, Argentina, and at Nissan’s Barcelona plant in Spain, where the Nissan NP300 Frontier [the name used for the vehicle in Europe] and the Renault Alaskan will also be produced," the release said.


That sets it apart from the Nissan Navara, which in Australia is sourced ex-Thailand, like the vast majority of utes sold Down Under. There are a few exceptions: the Volkswagen Amarok comes from Argentina, the Ssangyong Actyon Sport comes for South Korea, and there are a few utes sourced from China (Foton Tunland, Great Wall Steed).

"In October, Mercedes-Benz will provide further insights into the new pickup truck’s design, strategy and markets," the release read.

The Mercedes-Benz (or Daimler, as the parent company remains) alliance with Renault-Nissan also bares fruit in the form of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and Infiniti Q30 and Infiniti QX30 models.

"The partnership between Daimler and the Alliance has grown and matured," said Carlos Ghosn, chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. "It is based on a spirit of cooperation and trust that has strengthened over the years. The results have clearly benefitted both partners. By sharing development and production costs, we have been able to enter new segments and offer our customers more compelling vehicles with the latest technology and features at more competitive prices."


Mercedes-Benz Cars head, and chairman of the board of management of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche, said the development of these models is beyond brand and geographical limitations.

"Over the last seven years we’ve established a partnership that extends from parts to platforms, from co-development to co-production and from cars to commercial vehicles. And we did so in project-oriented, diverse teams that share competences across continents. They are driven by the best ideas – may they originate in Paris, Stuttgart, or Yokohama. So, our future cooperation continues to hold great promise."

We've reported on the fact that the new Mercedes-Benz ute - name still to be confirmed - will be offered in workhorse base specification models as well as with more lifestyle-focused AMG model lines, but don't expect an AMG engine under the bonnet.

Just last week Volkswagen Australia managing director Michael Bartsch told CarAdvice he has no fears of the Mercedes-Benz ute coming in to challenge the only other German-badged pick-up on sale here, the Volkswagen Amarok.