Jeep keen on sub-Renegade SUV - report

A small crossover that will slot in beneath the Jeep Renegade is reportedly on the radar.
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Mike Manley, head of the Jeep brand, told Autocar that he was "pretty confident that [the sub-Renegade market] is going to be a viable segment for us in the future".

When pressed, Manley refused to elaborate on whether such a car was already being planned or when this vehicle might appear on the market, stating that "the reality is that we have to go through all of the usual business planning processes first".

The Jeep CEO also cautioned that, if such a vehicle were to made, it would be need to be sized and engineered well to ensure that it lives up to the brand's off-road heritage.


Above: Jeep Renegade.

According to the magazine, there are rumours of a sub-Renegade Jeep being planned for the Indian market. It's not entirely clear whether this car is being designed purely for the Indian market, or whether it will be a global vehicle.

The India-targeted Jeep is reportedly sized under four metres in length, most likely to take advantage of the country's tax regime which makes it significantly cheaper to own a sub-four metre car. The Renegade, currently Jeep's smallest vehicle, has a length of 4,230mm.

If this small Jeep does come about, it will likely be produced at Fiat Chrysler's Indian facilities alongside the second-generation Jeep Compass.