The all-electric Fuso eCanter truck will be coming to Australia as part of a trial with customer fleets next year.
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Last week the company revealed the third generation of the world’s first all-electric light-duty truck at the IAA commerical vehicles show in Hanover.

Featuring a 70kWh battery pack and a range of over 100km without stationary charging, the bright metallic blue eCanter show-truck uses a permanent synchronous electric motor which produces 185kW of power and 380Nm of torque, sent to the rear axle by a single-speed transmission.


Despite being electric, the Fuso eCanter has a total chassis load capacity of 4.63 tonnes (including the body).

Fuso is currently working on individual battery packs with three to six sets of batteries of 14kWh each to allow the eCanter to be adapted to customer requirements in terms of range, price and weight.

The company claims that in the future, rapid charging will allow for 80 per cent of the battery to be charged in a claimed 30 minutes. For now, the eCanter comes standard with a Combined Charging System plug.


Distinguishing the third-generation eCanter from its conventionally-powered siblings are full LED headlights, a unique front bumper and grille, along with a redesigned interior, which includes a removable central tablet information system.

The all-electric eCanter will join the diesel-electric Canter Eco Hybrid, which was first launched in 2006, with the current second-generation commencing production in 2012.