As if BMW’s stunning M2 wasn’t already potent enough, speculation out of Germany is hinting at even more powerful M2 in the near future.
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German news outlet bimmertoday is reporting a 400 horsepower M2 is being developed, due for release in 2018. Dubbed the M2 CS (not CSL) it’s understood the pocket M-car will receive a makeover, courtesy of its bigger M3 and M4 brothers.

It’s expected the M2 CS will inherit a slightly detuned version of BMW’s S55 twin-turbo straight-six currently found in both the M3 sedan and M4 two-doors. That will boost the M2’s power to a smidge under 300kW (298kW to be precise), up 26kW on what it currently produces from its single-turbo straight six.

That will still leave the M2 shy of its bigger brothers in the power department, with the standard M3 currently prowling the streets with around 317kW on tap.


It’s believed the M2 CS could also receive some beefier suspension componentry, courtesy of its M4 sibling.

While the mooted mechanical upgrades remain a distinct possibility, what is not known at this stage is exactly what, if any, weight loss program the M2 will undertake. Interestingly, instead of CSL, the rumoured update is expected to carry CS badges.

For those not BMW fanboys or fangirls, the ‘L’ in CSL stands for ‘lightweight’ and dropping it from the moniker could be a sign that the M2 will remain at around its 1495kg, if not a little heavier thanks to its beefier suspension and more potent motor.


As for styling cues, could BMW's recent 2002 Hommage concept provide more than a clue to the M2 CS's facelift?

Still, if as expected, the M2 does indeed receive its performance makeover, it will no doubt bestow immortal status on an already heroic sport car.